Make Your Work Space a Home Away from Home

Home is the place you go to relieve your stresses. The peace and quiet that you treasure, while having fun with family is enough to relieve the stresses of the work days you have on the job. Many executives and even people who do manual labor have experienced levels of stress on their jobs that are very overbearing and not healthy. The fact is, they need an outlet in the environment in which they work. These kinds of stress are not good as it relates to the job you leave home to do every day.

Some companies have discovered the remedy for these stressful situations and have reinvented the word “workspace.” They have implemented and installed stress relieving environments in the workplace to help in the relief of stress for their workers.

  1. Create Comfortable Office Spaces

Instead of the conventional office space with desks, chairs, telephones, fax machines etc. they have installed television, so their staff members are able to keep up with current events and catch their favorite football or basketball game, decorated the walls with art to help their staffs’ concentration, install mini waterfalls in the offices, which creates a sense of peace and serenity, and natural plants to enhance the nature experience.

Some offices have had recreational places be a priority for their staff, so they have installed a space just for that. The recreational space has; foosball tables, table tennis, a gym, basketball court or tennis courts, a swimming pool, a lounge for just kicking it with the guys and recharging their batteries for the day ahead. Exercise is considered by many medical and psychological specialists to be a great stress reliever, as these activities increase the serotonin levels which are essential for a peaceful well-being. Serotonin reduces stress, depression and helps increase productivity in people.

Another space that is provided by many forward-thinking bosses are nurseries for their working mothers. They create a space that mothers can take their children so they will not be stressed or anxious about where and how their children are being cared for. Nursing mothers have the chance to still breastfeed their babies and not lose the bonding time with them. This environment is healthy for both mother and child as they feel safe.

  1. Dining in Comfort While you Work

Comfortable and functional dining rooms are also made available to the staff for them to be able to have working lunches, while at work with clients. This is convenient, as the executives do not need to leave the complex to fight noon traffic for any appointment. They can just schedule a lunch meeting and get the job done. The meals are nutritious, dining is similar as clients would receive at a fine restaurant and the ambiance is just perfect for the needs of the staff members to perform.

The scenarios described above are being utilized by many companies, however, if you are just starting out in business or you want to change from the traditional office space, there are many creative businesses that provide these kinds of services. Their executive office spaces are available for rental on a long term basis or for daily uses. Whatever the requirements, you will be able to have the perfect office space for you and your staff.

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